Just One Thing | Silence is not Agreement


creative commons license, onceandfuturelaura, flickr

One sees it all the time: disputatious individuals who assume that others’ silence represents assent.

That assumption can be unfounded.

Silence can be nothing more than silence. Argumentative people who cannot leave any point uncontested may well presume that others are the same.

In fact, they may simply be choosing not to engage. They may agree, disagree, agree in part, disagree in part.

And they may not want to have the discussion.

Just One Thing

Going forward, don’t presume that the absence of verbal response constitutes agreement. Depending on what you’re used to, this may represent a significant change.

If you’re accustomed to engaging any point of controversy in your midst, you may want to experiment with silence as your own response.

You might well find that silence can be a forceful declaration in its own right.

This Week: Silence is not Agreement.

Just One Thing is a weekly challenge, adapted from Serve to Lead