Q: Does James Strock serve as a spokesperson?

A: Yes, where the product, enterprise or idea advanced is consistent with his values.

Q: Does James Strock serve as an emcee, or undertake other non-keynote speaking opportunities?

A: Yes. We can also work with you to combine various speaking roles in the course of an organizational conference, for example. Our goal is always to serve effectively.

Q: Do you license teaching programs and certify individuals to teach the Serve to Lead System?

A: Yes. Please contact us.

Q: How can one obtain permissions for use of James Strock’s books, articles, speeches and other products?

A: Please contact us.

Q: Do you offer individual and group coaching?

A: Yes. We offer this as a follow-up to speeches and seminars or, as a stand-alone service.

Q: Is the Serve to Lead Group a registered U.S. government contractor?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the Serve to Lead Group engage in lobbying?

A: No. Nonetheless, we can add value assisting in developing and implementing strategies including government entities as stakeholders. James Strock also often serves as an expert before government agencies and other authoritative bodies, including public testimony before congressional hearings.

Q: Does the Serve to Lead Group work with non-U.S. clients?

A: Yes, so long as their interests and goals are entirely consistent with those of the United States.

Q: What kinds of alternative dispute resolution services do you offer?

A: James Strock, working independently or with others, serves as a mediator, convenor and facilitator.

Q: Is James Strock available as an expert witness?

A: Yes, when the underlying case position is consistent with our values.

Q: Do you accept submissions for guest posts on the Serve to Lead blog?

AAbsolutely! Please see our page on submissions.

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