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We believe the key to excellence is service–and we approach every event with a laser-like focus on serving you effectively.

Top-101-Leadership-Speakers-Badge-250-jpgWe work with event planners at each step to assure that your event will be your best ever.

Effective preparation is the key to an effective event. We will work with you to customize the presentation, both in content and format, to the needs of our audiences. Our goal is not solely to entertain, but to engage. As appropriate we use PowerPoint®, participatory exercises, case studies–even unannounced practice drills. We will also work with you to ensure that appropriate workbooks, handouts and other products (such as books, mouse pads, etc.) are produced and available on-site as needed.

When James Strock is serving you as a keynote speaker, we can plan additional participation as may be helpful, such as moderating/speaking in other sessions, providing voice-overs, etc. We do everything required to ensure your success.

We serve you at every step. We work from the outside-in, learning your needs, preparing extensively, crafting a program to meet your unique challenges and opportunities.

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