Robin Williams | Eulogize the Living


No chance to say goodbye.

The unexpected loss of Robin Williams has occasioned an extraordinary outpouring of sentiment. His protean career moved in so many directions, that he touched people the world over, one way or another, one time or another.

Understanding that Williams took his own life amid longtime struggles with depression, the thought has doubtless occurred to so many of us: might it have given him comfort to know how much he was loved?

Would that the world had celebrated Robin Williams when he could have witnessed, experienced our love.

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Just One Thing | Collaborate Across Generations


Collaboration is the order of the day.

There is no more valuable collaboration than that among generations. Together, they can create breathtaking value, innovation and change.

It is of urgent importance today, as technology connects everyone, enabling extraordinary individual performance and expression. Each generation has much of value to add to the others. Wisdom lies in ascertaining when and what to learn and incorporate.

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Just One Thing | Create Joy Amid Necessity


Several years ago I emerged from several hours of rather mundane labor, having removed and replaced two toilets in my home.

A neighbor, noticing the movement of boxes, came over to view the results. He was complimentary of the work.

His wife, on the other hand, diminished it. She said, “Well it’s not really anything….. He enjoys doing it….”

She touched upon something important. Unfortunately, since she did not frame her observation in terms of a question, the underlying issue didn’t remain alive through the oxygen of discussion.

In fact, she was only partly right.

She regarded my cast of mind as an accident. In fact it was the result of decisions I was determined to make and carry through. The rather unremarkable work at hand was just an occasion to apply my chosen thought process.

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