10 Principles of 21st Century Leadership

Leadership Principles Serve to Lead

Serve to Lead is built upon the following principles of 21st century leadership:

1. Everyone Can Lead, Because Everyone Can Serve.

2. The Most Valuable Resource of Any Enterprise is its People.

3. We Are in Transition from a Transaction-Based World to a Relationship-Based World.

4. Leadership is a Relationship Between Empowered, Consenting Adults.

5. Leadership is a Dynamic Relationship.

6. There is No Universal Leadership Style.

7. Leadership Roles Are Converging.

8. A Leader’s Unique Task is to Imagine and Advance a Vision.

9. Love is the Highest Level of Leadership Relationship.

10. Character is a Competitive Advantage.

What do you think? In the coming weeks and months this blog will examine these principles and their implications for how we all live and work today.

For an excellent discussion of these principles–and a generous mention from one of my leadership heroes–please see Tom Peters’ blog and the stimulating comments engendered

10 Principles of 21st Century Leadership

adapted from Serve to Lead.